Before You Arrive

Book a Session.
Reservations are recommended. Please show a copy on our mobile phone when you check in.

It is important to drink water before using the sauna and cold plunge.

Bring a swimsuit or appropriate light clothing.

Check In

Get Your Things
We provide towels, robes, and sandals for our guests to use

Lock It Up
Feel free to use our complimentary storage lockers available in the relaxation area

Please take a quick shower before using the sauna and cold plunge

Enjoy Your Session

Our Process
Follow our recommend cycle of 10-15 min heating, 1-3 min cooling, and 5 min of relaxing.

Connect With Others or Yourself
Sessions typically last about 90 minutes with additional time to get changed. Use this time for reflection or enjoy the company in the saunas.

Listen to Your Body
If this is your first time its important to go at your own pace and take extra time to relax.